My Cover

Just thought I’d do a quick blog over the cover of my book. I did a lot of searching around online for ebook cover designers before I chose one. Many did the premade ones (where there is already a pic made up and you buy it like that) and those are cheaper- anywhere from 20 bucks to 80 or 90. But nothing I saw was what I wanted. Then I came across this site:

The artist’s name is Brandi and as soon as I started looking through her portfolio, I loved it. She has premade covers that are awesome but she also does customized ones for around 200 dollars. Now, I know that is a high number but it’s worth it to get a great cover and a wonderful artist who can work with you and even provides suggestions. We emailed back and forth and it didn’t take long before I knew what I wanted. Then I sent her half the payment, she did up the proof, I loved it and paid the other half. And now I have this:

The Kinetic Keeper_AngelStage

Then, a couple months later when I decided to do the paperback from createspace, I remember that she’ll do the back and spine also for an extra 50 which was well worth it in my opinion.

So this is my little shout out to Brandi and her fantastic work. Go to the site. Check out her portfolio. She also does other things like box set designs, audio book covers, and banners for your website.