Enter to Win an Autographed Copy!

Starting today and ending on Friday, November 7th, you can enter to win an autographed copy of my book The Kinetic Keeper! Just log into the Goodreads site and search for the book and there you go! Good luck!!



My Proof is here!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!! It only took 3 days to receive it after putting in my order!!

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So now I must go through it and see if there are any errors and then…it’ll go live online and people can order it!!! I’m so excited!

You know, it’s one thing to publish on the kindle but to have your book in physical format is just amazing!! It’s your baby that you created! I love it!

My Cover

Just thought I’d do a quick blog over the cover of my book. I did a lot of searching around online for ebook cover designers before I chose one. Many did the premade ones (where there is already a pic made up and you buy it like that) and those are cheaper- anywhere from 20 bucks to 80 or 90. But nothing I saw was what I wanted. Then I came across this site:


The artist’s name is Brandi and as soon as I started looking through her portfolio, I loved it. She has premade covers that are awesome but she also does customized ones for around 200 dollars. Now, I know that is a high number but it’s worth it to get a great cover and a wonderful artist who can work with you and even provides suggestions. We emailed back and forth and it didn’t take long before I knew what I wanted. Then I sent her half the payment, she did up the proof, I loved it and paid the other half. And now I have this:

The Kinetic Keeper_AngelStage

Then, a couple months later when I decided to do the paperback from createspace, I remember that she’ll do the back and spine also for an extra 50 which was well worth it in my opinion.

So this is my little shout out to Brandi and her fantastic work. Go to the site. Check out her portfolio. She also does other things like box set designs, audio book covers, and banners for your website.

The Kinetic Keeper to be in print SOON!

It’s another big day for me. I finally finished getting the book ready to be made into print thanks to Creatspace. It’s currently being reviewed by Amazon and soon it’ll only be one click away from getting it in print!

I’m excited about this because many people I know do not own a kindle (and some are too lazy to download the kindle app on their phone) so they’ve been asking about a physical copy. Actually, first they ask about it being in bookstores and I have to say “Sadly, no, but you can order it.” One day, hopefully it will be in book stores. This is going to be a series after all and the best is yet to come. Book number 2 is coming along nicely and soon that one will be available.

In other news, my temporary full time job will be ending in about a month and I’m thinking of only getting a part time job after that because I need more focus on all of this. I mean, this is my other job now. Between working on the next book and marketing the first one, it’s a full time job all on it’s own! And if I get more readers (hint hint: that means you :)) then I will be able to turn this into a full time writing career which is what I want. So, go ahead. Go hit that link to amazon. Buy my book. *whispers* you know you want to. 🙂


Until next time, my wonderful readers, I leave you with a favorite quote of mine:

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.”- Alice Walker