Excerpt from THE KINETIC KIN

This time Abby did toss her phone away in anger. It skidded across the grass and stopped a couple feet away from her. She gave a frustrated sigh, quickly scanned the area to see if anyone was watching, and then used her telekinesis to bring the phone back. As she scrolled through her phone trying to figure out who to call next, she noticed something in her peripheral vision. She jerked her head up to see a man dressed in black walking down the sidewalk towards her. He came to a standstill when she looked at him.

Abby slowly stood up, her chest tightening as the man stared her down. He reminded her of Urick, one of the men she had fought to save Evan. But Urick was imprisoned and this man was older. He put his hands in his pockets and smiled at her. But she could tell it was a forced smile and it didn’t look like something he did often.

He took another step towards her but stopped when a dark blue SUV pulled into the parking lot. Abby couldn’t see the driver due to the tinted windows and she wondered if it was back up for the man in black. As she contemplated running or not, her phone buzzed in her hand. Glancing down, she saw a text message from an unknown number.

Get in. I’m a Watcher, one of Sir Asher’s. That man could be dangerous. Please, come with me.

Abby looked up at the SUV again. She didn’t know if she should trust the man inside. What if he was lying? She couldn’t see the man in black because the vehicle was blocking her view but she didn’t want to wait to see if he was coming after her either. Her gut instinct told her to get in the car. Hoping it was the right thing to do, she hurried over to it. Opening the door, she jumped inside and looked over at the person she had just trusted her life with.

It was young guy, about twenty-two with short blonde hair and hazel eyes. He narrowed them at her as she stared at him.

“Shut the door!” he barked. “We need to go!”

She was taken aback by his rudeness but quickly slammed the door. The man quickly peeled out of the parking lot, glancing into the rearview mirror as he did. Abby quickly took in the details of his outfit. He wore black slacks and a red button down shirt, neatly tucked in. Not what she expected a Watcher to wear. Weren’t they always in camoflauge? Then her stomach twinged at a disturbing thought. What if she had been lied to? Maybe this was one of the men that was out to get her.

“I thought Watcher’s wore camo,” she said, mentally preparing for any ability she might have to do.

The man looked at her with angry eyes, then back to the road. “We do. When we’re on duty.”

“You’re off duty?”

He came to a rolling stop at an intersection, then quickly turned right. “Yeah. And I got the call to come pick you up.”

“The call? Who called you? And how were you able to text me? Do you guys have my number?”

“You’re an inquisitive little girl, aren’t you?”

Abby sat up straight. “I’m not a little girl. And I think I have the right to ask questions. A strange man just told me to get in a car with him to avoid another strange man. Am I supposed to think that’s a normal thing?”

“Yeah, actually,” he said, glancing her way again. “You better get used to it because this is your life now. You’re going to have to make choices to trust or not to trust. Because you are wanted right now, Abby Woods.  And Vago will not stop until he has you. So you’re not going to feel safe until we have him or he’s dead. “

She let these words soak in as he turned onto another street.

“I thought that was the Watcher’s job,” she said, gripping the door handle from the sudden turn. “To protect me and make me feel safe.”

At those words, the man suddenly whipped the vehicle over into a nearby parking lot and stomped on the brakes. He turned to Abby, eyes blazing. She shrank back from his intense stare.

“Yes, it is our job to protect you,” he said calmly through gritted teeth. “Or anyone that we are given an assignment to. But we can only do so much. We are not invincible and neither are you. We can’t do everything for you. You can’t just depend on us. If you do, then you’re being stupid. You have to fight for yourself, too. We’re all a team here and when someone doesn’t pull their weight, then someone can die.”

He said the last words with such passion that Abby wondered if he had lost someone. Then she remembered. Someone did die. Someone had died for her.


I hope you enjoyed this little piece from the upcoming book. I am hoping to finish it very soon. Thanks for your patience!


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