A Time to Write

So, I’m trying to work on my second book in my series and I thought that when I had more time to do that, I would get so much more written. That’s not the case.

See, I was working this temporary full-time job. I knew it was going to end and I was happy because I thought I would have all day (or at least half the day) to do nothing but write. At the same time, I’m trying out some freelance writing to make some extra dough. So I do the freelance writing for the first half of the day and I work on my writing for the other half. But I’m not making much progress and it is entirely frustrating. I have people asking me when the next book will be done and I’m trying to hurry but I’m definitely not going as fast as I want. Sometimes I get writer’s block and other times I’m so bombarded with all the things I need to do. I need to write but I also need to try to market my first book so that takes time too.

And speaking of marketing, I’ve tried quite a few things to get the word out but what are some things that worked for you? Has anything made much of a difference?

Okay, I guess I really should get back to writing now. No, really I am.


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