The Kinetic Keeper to be in print SOON!

It’s another big day for me. I finally finished getting the book ready to be made into print thanks to Creatspace. It’s currently being reviewed by Amazon and soon it’ll only be one click away from getting it in print!

I’m excited about this because many people I know do not own a kindle (and some are too lazy to download the kindle app on their phone) so they’ve been asking about a physical copy. Actually, first they ask about it being in bookstores and I have to say “Sadly, no, but you can order it.” One day, hopefully it will be in book stores. This is going to be a series after all and the best is yet to come. Book number 2 is coming along nicely and soon that one will be available.

In other news, my temporary full time job will be ending in about a month and I’m thinking of only getting a part time job after that because I need more focus on all of this. I mean, this is my other job now. Between working on the next book and marketing the first one, it’s a full time job all on it’s own! And if I get more readers (hint hint: that means you :)) then I will be able to turn this into a full time writing career which is what I want. So, go ahead. Go hit that link to amazon. Buy my book. *whispers* you know you want to. 🙂

Until next time, my wonderful readers, I leave you with a favorite quote of mine:

“Expect nothing. Live frugally on surprise.”- Alice Walker


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