How to format your interior for Kindle and remove spaces and spacing between paragraphs for free

Found this gem from another wordpress author.

Jonathan Cotty - Author

Well the last post on Createspace regarding how to format your cover for free went viral (by my standards) which was a bit of a shocker. A few more handy tools here for anybody still with me and grappling with their cover design: This free tool allows you to click on any colour onscreen and adopt it as your own. Handy for instantly grabbing those font colours that you can see on another book cover and making them your own. This is a great post for those of you who need a bit of help with your actual cover design and the myriad of tools available on WORD and POWERPOINT. Also shows you how to take bits out of pictures and transpose images.

Formatting the interior of your book for Kindle

For the bulk of your interior formatting you can use this free guide:

That is a great guide up to the final point. When…

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