Working hard or hardly working?

Alright so how’s everyone doing? Me? I’m doing ok. My book sales have slowed down a bit but I have gotten some new reviews which made me very happy. So far nothing bad to say. A couple of nitpicks but that’s it and I can deal with that.

I had an extra day of free promotions so I did that a couple of weeks ago and another 150 books were downloaded. If only that number would happen when it was selling. That would be nice!

I’m still working on the second book but sadly, my time has been cut down immensely because I have a full time job now and between that and trying to train for Tough Mudder (look it up. yes I’m doing that!) I barely have time. I try to make time but it can be hard. But now that I know that I have readers out there that are awaiting the second book, then I must do my best to make them happy.

One of my reviewers (and I’m giving her a shoutout), Lisa Manion, enjoyed my book and she had this to say: (Notice the bold print) 🙂

This book was intriguing & stimulating. While I usually am a “romance novel” reader, I picked a half dozen books from fiction to read, this being one.
I got a copy while it was on free promotion. (Thankyou Ms. Stage) I do not know the author, nor have I been asked to review.
I wish there were half stars, because honestly, I would give it 4 1/2 stars; the only reason being that the whole story line, very loosely, is a recycled feeling of a sex changed trip to Hogwarts, except that it’s not magicians in a castle, but people (students) with abilities (going to school) on an island.
Other than that- this is a wonderful book. A very realistic perspective (although I had a hard time swallowing her parents just “we’ll let you decide if you want to go” in the first sitting of finding out about the school and her abilities in one setting.) The characters are cute, easy to relate to, and there is something about the guy Jaber, that really makes you want this story to continue to see some vengeance for him.
I am also dying to know if the main character will develop any of the non-telekenetic abilities. The plot with her friends/enemies at the school also add a fun dynamic, as well as the teachers.
I honestly just finished the book, and got online to see if I could purchase the next one, and am deeply disappointed it has not been released. I am on pins and needles for Abby. And Jaber. 😉
For that, I will give you the extra half star. Well done on your first novel, I await the next one.

So when I read something like that, I know that I truly have a job to do. I must give readers what they want. Which means I should stop writing this and write my book! Laters!!


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